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Camping with Canines

When the Sub Arctic Wolves camp, the WHOLE pack comes along…including the cubs better known as “Our Dogs”.

One of the best camping trips of the season for the pups was at Trackrock Campground in Blairsville, Georgia. The entire campground was deserted other than “The Pack”, so the pups got to enjoy being off lead and running through the wilderness like they’ve never run before! Although most campgrounds frown on letting your dogs off lead, we thought it would be okay since nobody else was there.

Kokopelli, Phoebe and Sadie have had this experience several times before, but with the new addition of Bentley (Donnie & Heather’s yellow lab) they felt it was necessary to show him the ropes…or the woods. Off they went running like pups outta Hades, zooming in and out of the forest, ears laid back, tongues hanging out…they had a blast.

Any of you campers that are animal lovers know the joy of having a canine companion while in the woods. There is nothing like having a pup cuddle next to you while sleeping to help keep you extra warm. Also, many Park Rangers, etc. have told us that having dogs with you is good bear protection. They will alert you way ahead of time if in fact a bear is around, but most commonly a bear will pick up the scent of the animal and not venture your way. Although I would never want any of our dogs to be wounded in our defense, it’s a great comfort having them around.